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I’m ready for autumn so that I can wear comfortable sweaters, plaid, and boots while drinking tea or hot coco by a slightly opened window. To be able to look up and see a swoosh of air carrying colorful leaves all around me. To wake up in the morning with a small chill in the air, wrap myself up in my blanket, and layer my clothes with scarves and beanies. Then after the day is done, eat my worries away in a slice of pumpkin pie.

My favorite holiday, the autumn harvest is coming soon. Mm… I should celebrate…

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Some sort of bliss known as mochido - the mochi donut.

And now Mitsuwa is added to my list of places to visit when I am next in CA.

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12:28 pm

i’m lying in my grey underwear
i hear the piano rolling
it’s vanessa carlton

somehow i don’t want this night to end
i’m at the edge of day
on the rough carpet

it feels less lonely than usual
nothing’s heavy
i’m not thinking of anything





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“How much of human life is lost in waiting.”

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パスピエ - とおりゃんせ


Full version of the latest single.

They’ve quickly become one of my favorite new bands this year.

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